Hygenic Concept

Your health is important! Due to that reason we again increased our hygenic standards and even developed our own hygenic concept, to keep everything in our locations save and clean. 


Have fun and stay healthy!

Clean and save

We have several desinfection stations in every location. So every customer can desinfect their hands before starting any game.

Our games masters are always there for you. During this times they are wearing a face protection to keep you save.

Every virtual reality headset gets cleaned and desinfected from the game master after every game.

Every player gets a one way hygenic inlay for the VR glasses, which makes perfect hygenic conditions during playing.

Savety distance

1-2 meters

During every game you anyway can keep the safety distance of at least 1 meter, which is also necessary for not hitting on the other players. Furthermore there are never more than 10 people in our locations at the same time. So we can also keep the law restrictions, which allows maximum 10 people to meet at the same time.


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