Huxley 2





The legend of Huxley is a very old story that goes back to a time when people were still living in caves and telling adventure stories around the campfire.


Little is known about the truth of the legend. There are no records other than a small book. This book has been lost for centuries, but a professor discovered it on one of his explorations in the 19th century!


The legend is about an infinite source of energy that could solve all of mankind's problems. The book contains the instructions for building a machine called Huxley, which should help you as a companion in the search for this energy source.


Start your journey in the fantastic world of the 19th century and embark on the search for this energy source with Huxley!

Choose your location


Choose your location

  • Duration of experience: ca. 1 hour

  • Number of players: 2-8 Player

  • Minimum age: 10 years (except Horror Escapes)


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